About Us

I’m a Navy veteran who now works as a SWAT team operator for a large agency in a busy area.

I grew up in Texas and have gravitated to this environment ever since. My years of service in government and law enforcement agencies have taught me a few lessons. One of which is that the men that work in this community are problem solvers. This project didn't take long to conceive, I just drew it up on a dinner napkin (seriously that actually happens) and after that I drew it up in CAD. I made a few on my 3d printer and brought it to the team. This was an easy "yes" from the fellas, it saves an ungodly amount of money and helps prevent the training scars we were getting, where people were hesitating to drop chem when they thought it was a waste. Several prototypes later, Tacstix was born and put into production and is now available for agencies in need of a similar training solution.

Veteran conceptualized, owned, and operated.