Save Money


The average chem light is $1.42 in bulk a piece. Drop a TacStix on the ground three times and it’s paid for itself…you're welcome.

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Works with your setup

Kit Ready

Compatible with the MOLLE system, standard 550 cord and similar, or you can utilize the included attachment wires.

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After rigorous field tests by active operators, the final TacStix design has been crafted to deliver both ease of use and the durability you need for the training environment.

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How many do I need to order?

  • 100 units (1 quantity) for a small team of 8-10 operators.
  • 200 units (2 quantity) for a standard team of 18-20 operators.
  • 400 units (4 quantity) for a large team of 38-40 operators.

Where are TacStix made?

TacStix are designed and manufactured right here in San Diego County. Proud to be made in the USA.

Do you take special orders?

Absolutely. Let us know what you need and we can get a quote over to you. Email us at

What is the expected TacStix lifespan?

TacStix are designed to be used over and over again in rugged training environment and include a lifetime warranty for typical wear and tear.

What exactly are TacStix for?

SWAT, bomb squads, fire rescue and similar teams utilize chem lights to indicate the current status of a room or space during operations. And while color coding (or lack of) and specific team usage may vary, what doesn't change is the need train. TacStix replace the chem light in the training environment while mimicking the same motion of using an actual chem light. This allows your team to train close to real-world without wasting $$ on the real deal.

Got a question or need a quote?

Shoot us an email at